A1 Conference

What an amazing experience the A1 process was. I spent a few days in New York with some of my best friends and I learned so much about myself.

I walked into this audition with a different perspective than usual. I thought to myself – what if I walked into this and played up my type a bit. I look like a sweet ingenue so maybe I should just bring in material that enhances that. So that’s what I did. I went in, I sang a soprano song and a simple contemporary belt and walked out. I walked out unfulfilled and disappointed in myself and in that moment I had a massive realization. What is art if you aren’t staying true to your personal art form. It felt like walking into a vocal audition and painting a portrait instead. I took away what made me special and ended up looking exactly like the other blonde girls who walked into the audition.

From now on I will always walk into an audition and sing with my true authentic tone. I will be the commanding, strong woman that I know I am. I can’t wait for the next audition because I will walk in and be 100% authentically me and I will have nothing to apologize for! See you in St. Louis Muny!

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